We had the pleasure of visiting young Gonzalo and his vines on our 2019 staff trip to Rioja and were blown away by the quality of his wines. He’s only been making his own wines for a couple of years, but learnt from his father who is head winemaker at one of the largest cooperatives in the area. Thankfully, Gonzalo has taken his learnings and approached winemaking in a vastly different way to his father, favouring a small, artisan production in the corner of one of his friend’s wineries. 


The wine itself is big and buttery with classic Rioja flavours of red cherries, blackberries and vanilla. Although the wine has seen some time in barrel, Gonzalo prefers to not over oak his wines, so there’s a subtle hint rather than a smack-around-the-face wood bomb. 


Grape varieties: Tempranillo, Garnacha

Carabo 4 Elementos, Rioja, Spain


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