When Cedric, owner of Domaine Cedre, visited us late last year, we realised we’d love his wines because every wine he picked out from our shelves and said he loved are our favourites too. And it turned out to be true - the Malbecs from this domaine are really rather lovely. 


Malbec is originally from this Western corner of France, but the flavour profile has little in common with the more well known Argentinian Malbec. They tend to be fresher, more red fruit-based, but still with that quintessential pepperiness. Cedric’s ‘Camille’ Malbec has gone through ‘carbonic maceration,’ the method used in Beaujolais to create juicy, fruity, lighter and brighter wines. The result is what we would call a ‘glugger’ - easy to drink, fresh and fruity wine that pairs brilliantly with paler roast meats such as chicken or pork. 


Grape variety: Malbec

Chateau Cedre ‘Camille’ Malbec, Cahors, France


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