Auxerrois is more synonymous with the Alsace than Kent, but it grows well in cooler climates which makes it quite popular in the English winemaking scene. Here it's blended with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir - two of the classic Champagne varieties.


Aged for 24 months on its lees, is a fresh but balanced sparkling wine with plenty of lemon fruit flavours and a touch of baked bread and almond from the second fermentation. A perfect aperitif.

Let’s give it up for Will Davenport. It’s tough enough to get grapes to grow in the UK, which is why so many producers resort to artificial fertilisers and pesticides. But he chose to go organic and make do without them and the results speak for themselves; he’s a star of English wine.


Two sites (in Kent and Sussex) provide a great climate and superb limestone geology - actually the same band as the great sites of Champagne. This wine, grown in his Kent vineyard uses varieties ideally suited to the challenging English climate, looked after by Ollie, his vineyard manager (Phil) and Mervin the winery dog. 

Davenport Limney English sparkling, Kent, England


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