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Vino Vero

110 Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 1BU | hello@vinovero.co.uk | 01702 808 251

Fresh and dry, but with the delicate flavours of white peach and sweet lemon, this is incredibly easy to drink. The rounded texture is perfect for standing up to white fish or pasta.


When one door closes, another opens. So it was for Marco de Bartoli, a veteran Marsala producer who saw sales of his fortified wine declining and saw an opportunity to develop dry table wines. The gamble paid off, and he’s now a top winemaker with a cult following.


The family estate, now run by Marco’s three children, is well known for promoting the traditions of Marsala winemaking. In fact, that’s the main reason this wine works: Marco realised that Grillo, the traditional grape of the area, could best withstand the baking Mediterranean heat and retain freshness.


With a fine site, great grapes and organic practices, their wines only need simple winemaking to show at their best.

Grape varieties: Grillo

Winemaking method: Organic

Alcohol: 12.5%

De Bartoli 'Vignaverde,' Sicily, Italy