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Vino Vero

110 Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 1BU | hello@vinovero.co.uk | 01702 808 251

Gonzalo has a cult following for his rebellious winemaking. Translating as 'fat pig', the wine is named for the bankers who refused to loan him money for his vineyard and rails against them in the label blurb.


The anti-establishment sentiment doesn't stop there: despite being in Rioja and using many biodynamic practices, it's certified as neither. Instead, Gonzalo works his 4.5 hectare plot with his own hands and his own rules, eschewing sulfur and chemical intervention to create a fun, natural wine.


Gran Cerdo doesn't use oak which lets the taste of the Tempranillo grape shine. There's lots of red cherry and black pepper, with a slight violet note. The tannins are smooth and silky and the finish is fruity: in short, just what you want from unoaked Rioja. Decant it into a jug and give it an hour to release all the great flavours.


Grape varieties: Tempranillo

Winemaking method: Organic / biodynamic

Alcohol level: 

Gran Cerdo Tinto 2016, Rioja, Spain