Carmenere’s history in Chile is certainly an interesting one. Several enterprising Chilean growers headed to Bordeaux in the mid 1800s to take cuttings which they happily planted back home. The Merlot in particular thrived. Meanwhile, several natural factors combined in France to effectively render the grape extinct.


The Chilean Merlot, which had been producing wine of a somewhat un-Merlot-like character, turned out to be (you guessed it) Camenere and was officially recognised as such in 1998. Don’t you love a happy ending?


The Metic is a great example of how this forgotten-about grape really thrives in Chile to produce a wine with a charminging fruitful palate of blackberry and plum to the fore offset by a sultry note of coffee and dark chocolate. 


Grape varieties: Carmenere

Winemaking method: Organic

Metic Carmenere, Colchagua, Chile


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