Portugal is often forgotten in the wine world, but here's producer to put it squarely in your favourites. Dirk Niepoort owns one of the most prestigious independent port houses in Portugal but makes great table wines with the exact same care and dedication. The Drink Me white is made from the same field blend as their white ports and is reminiscent of that rather underrated fortified wine.

Constantly re-evaluating his practices, Dirk's style has become distinctly more mineral in recent years. The current vintage of Drink Me is concentrated with citrus flavours (lime being the most predominant) and a great, lingering, mineral edge. Of course we love it on its own, but throw together a mild, aromatic curry and this wine becomes the star of the show.

Grape varieties: A field blend of at least 7 ingidenous grapes
Alcohol level: 13.5%

Niepoort 'Drink Me' Branco, Douro, Portugal


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