This port's seven years ageing makes for a confident, delicious wine. The time in oak lends a fantastic nutty, caramel flavour and a delicate hint of spice, yet the grape quality leaves a light red fruit note in the front of the palate.


Dirk Niepoort owns one of the most prestigious independent port houses in Portugal, kept in the family since 1842 The vines used to make this port are up to 30 years old and very low yielding. The grapes are hand picked, foot trodden and aged in large old oak casks. When most of the Douro is owned by corporations, the personal touch makes all the difference.


Here you have a prime example of what that personal touch can do.


Grape varieties: A field blend of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinto Cao, Tinta Francesca, Tinta Amarela, Sousao, Tinta Roriz

Alcohol: 20%

Niepoort Senior Tawny Port, Porto, Portugal


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